Current wait for New Starters, as of 8th Feb 16

The new year has brought with it the busiest start EVER.

I'm going to start with an apology to all those that wanted to start sooner but I wasn't able to get you in the diary.

Some have said they are happy to wait and they have been booked in for February and now March too. Others have decided to find someone that can start them sooner. Again my apologies as I know your first choice was myself.

The current waiting time for anyone wanting to start with me and isn't currently on my training list is the 2nd MAY 2016. (12 Weeks)

Please, if anyone is interested in starting with me, or you are the parent of someone coming up to 17 etc that will be wanting to start when they hit 17, book in NOW and get a space.

The 12 week wait that is at the moment is surely going to get longer as people who want to start with me are happy to wait.

Dont be dissapointed, get that booking in now and guarantee a place for March or beyond!

Contact me via the site, or on the phone, I don't mind Text, Calls or Whatsapp.

Email me at

or Get in touch with me via any of my social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Many thanks and hopefully see some of you in the coming months!