End of the Year Success Report. Goodbye 2017, bring on 2018!

2017 was a great year in many ways. The biggest number of new starters, the greatest number of tests taken and a bumper crop of passes!

The lowest student attrition rate of any year so far and one of the best years to date for cancellations.

2017 couldn't have been such a great year without such great students. So a massive thank you to all my students throughout the year, those that came into it from 2016 and stuck with me, those that came and went in 2017 itself and of course, to those that move with me into 2018!

I already have a long list of people starting in 2018 so I look forward to meeting those in the coming months and creating many more success stories along the way.

So how did 2017 go then....


2017 Roundup


Good in 2017

  • 47 New Starters began their driving journey
  • 25 Drivers finished their learning with me and took the roads to finish their driving! (Passed)
  • 18 people head into 2018 continuing their training
  • 16 people helped through the Pass Plus course to broaden their knowledge and experience
  • Started a second car with the help of Paul Tyrrell to help more people with their training
  • New Test brought in on December 4th is proving a lot easier than people thought


Bad in 2017

  • 84 Cancellations where students cancelled within 48 hours
  • 4 people decided to stop training or try somewhere else for various reasons
  • Because of legacy pricing several pricing structures in place
  • Long waiting lists for new starters (Up to 3 months for most of the year)


Looking forward to 2018...

  • Starting off with plenty of new faces I'll be attempting to push the number of passes this year up again to an all-time high
  • Even more Pass Plus courses done, which will still be free for all students going through the councils Pass Plus scheme
  • A new cancellation policy will be brought in to minimize cancellations which should reduce the number of waiting students who actually want to learn
  • All students will be brought onto the current cost structure meaning it will be fairer for everyone. This will create a simple 2-tier system for lesson costs throughout 2018
  • No price increase for 2018!
  • An upgrade to the website to make it easier for prospective students to see reviews and also a student area for them to view things like Terms & Conditions online
  • A possible change of car…. Will it be another Mazda? Will it even be a manual?....
  • Looking to recruit another ADI to help with the influx of students needing my help with their driver training


So 2018 looks like a busy year going forward. Plenty of new things in the pipework and hopefully some positive changes to the things everyone knows already. Everyone can still look forward to exceptional training, the best customer service possible and most important of all, value for money!

I hope you all had a successful 2017 and achieved what you wanted to. Fear not if you didn't though, 2018 could be the year to do it. Another 12 months to work hard, set your mind on the task at hand, knuckle down and achieve whatever it is you wanted. You get out of life what you put in, so don't sit back on what you have now. Look forward at what you could have, work out how to get it and then go do it!

I wish you all the very best for 2018, another huge thank you to all those that made 2017 the success it was and to all those that don't know it yet, but will be making 2018 the success it will be.

Keep safe on the roads, look out for each other!

See you in 2018!