Free Pass Plus from January!

From January 2017 we will be offering free Pass Plus to all students aged between 17 and 25.

(A discount will be available to those aged 26+ or those that don't meet the criteria below should you wish to do the course)

So you'll be wondering whats the deal? Wheres the catch? What do I have to do? Right?

The Deal

Anyone aged 17 - 25 will be able to enjoy the benefits of Pass Plus via the Pass Plus Cymru scheme for free. (There are a couple of conditions as detailed below)

Full details on the Pass Plus itself can be found by clicking HERE.

We will book you onto the course, pay for it and all the documents you need will be emailed to you.

Where's the catch? What do I have to do?

You just need to attend the Workshop in your Council Area once, which runs in the evening once a month. Then enjoy a day out doing Pass Plus!

The reason we're doing this is because we truly believe in road safety and the need for more people to have access to further training.

It's as simple as that.

Please check out the Terms and Conditions below and then get in touch if you fancy giving it a go.

What about me? I don't meet the criteria below!

We can offer a discount on the full price of a Pass Plus course instead. Please get in touch for further information.

Terms & Conditions

You must be aged 17 - 25 and have passed your driving test within the last 12 months.

Currently you must live in the following Council Areas: Swansea, Neath & Port Talbot

You will need to attend the Pass Plus Cymru Theory Workshop first. We will speak with you to see which ones you're available for before we book it in.

You don't need to have your own car. You'll be using ours!

There will always be 2 people trained together at the same time. So don't be shy, its good fun!

We go out for the day, as detailed on the Pass Plus details page. So you'll need to be free for 1 day in the next month or so.

You will need to have your Driving Licence or Pass Certificate with photo ID before we drive.