New Pricing Structure as of January 2017

As of January 2017 there will be a new pricing structure in place for all students.

(Please note, this is not a current price list, please get in touch for current prices)

The new structure will be as follows:

1st hour = £FREE (No change)

1 hour = £xx (£1 increase to the current full price lesson)

2 hours = £xx (£1 increase to the current discounted lesson still giving a saving of £6 on a 1 hour lesson)

10 hours = £xxx (5 x 2 hours lessons. No further discount on price. The benefits of paying up front are explained below.)

Pass Plus = £Free to all 17 to 25 year olds. (Terms and Conditions apply, please see seperate news article for more information)


When booking in lessons to the diary, booking ahead means that you can secure a day and time that suits you. You can work it around your schooling, work calendar or other committments. This means you can have a regular lesson at a regular time that you would prefer.

At the moment that leaves the booking system open to abuse by people who cancel at short notice and hinder the options for other pupils to book in.

The new system will make it fairer for everyone and reduce the chances of wasted time that could be better spent with a student that needs my help.

The new booking system will work in the following way. Please note, for nearly 90% of my students this will not make any significant change to the way they currently book in.

If you pay for 1 hour at a time you get to book 1 lesson in advance

If you pay for 2 hours at a time you get to book 2 lessons in advance

If you pay for a block of 10 hours up front, you get to book 5 lessons in advance and greatly increase the chance of a regular day and time to suit you.

Obviously when paying for a block of 20, 30 or even 40 hours up front it will give you the chance to book in the corresponding number of lessons in advance.


I have thought hard about the price increase, but with so many things that have increased over the past year, I cannot continue to provide the high level of training people expect of me without this small increase. My Terms & Conditions state that I will not increase prices more than once in a year, and dispite the rises in many things in the driver training environment, I held back on increasing until the new year so I could adhere to those conditions. For most the increase will not pose a problem and I know most will understand that this happens in industry from time to time.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns or you would like me to explain any of the changes in greater detail.

Message via the site or get in touch direct on 07970870493.

Many thanks to all those students of mine, past, present and future for choosing me to help with their driver training needs!