General Tips

Here are some general driving tips- they may even be of interest to people who can already drive too!

Pass Plus

What does Pass Plus entail? Whats different about Pass Plus Cymru? Where do we go and what do we do exactly?

All these and more answered in this article outlining briefly the Pass Plus Course!

So what is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a series of modules taking in a variety of driving...

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Driving Made Simple

Approaching any given driving situation there are only really 3 options available to you. Work from 1 to 2 to 3 and one of them will always work. Keep this in mind and every situation you find yourself in you will be able to work a way through!

1 - Drive through (or round as the case...

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Why 2 hour lessons are better than 1 hour lessons

Generally speaking and for most people learning to drive, 2 hour lessons are more beneficial than 1 hour lessons.

There are a variety of reasons for this which include:

  • Reduced learning time overall (can reduce by a third)
  • Reduced costs to the learner (2 hour sessions are...
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What to do when you have approaching emergency vehicles?

Blue Light Aware is a short video, produced on behalf of the emergency services. Their crews rely on the help of other road users when they're on a 'blue light' journey.

By watching Blue Light Aware, you will better understand their needs, you will be reducing the risks you face, you...

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